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-===== Beginner'​s Guide ===== 
-You're new to webEdition, and all you find after the installation is a blank system? 
-Well, what you get with webEdition is a completely empty system -- no templates, no theming, nothing. Everything is up to you and your skills. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential. PHP is nice to have, but not necessary. 
-The following chapters give you a quick introduction into the workings of webEdition 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​basic-template|Basic Template]] 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​main-template|Main Template and Subtemplate]] 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​document-types|Defining Document Types]] 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​listviews|Listing Documents]] 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​images|Images]] 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​css-javascript|Assets in Templates]] 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​navigation|Navigation]] 
-  * [[en:​webedition:​beginners-guide:​editor-plugin|The Editor Plugin]] 
-  ​ 
-  ​ 

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