Error adding fields to a class


A class contains some fields, but no more fields can be added to the class.

Possible cause #1

The value in the field strOrder in the database table tblObjects is incorrect. This field saves the order of the fields of the class separated by commata.

This error occurs, if the class contains many fields. The number of fields necessary to cause this error depends on the performance of the web server and the client.

The following scenarios are possible:

  • Not all fields are listed.
  • Too many fields are listed.
  • Fields are missing in the listing.

Solution cause #1

You need to correct the value for strOrder in the database table tblObjects. Follow these steps:

Count the fields in the class. Compare the number of fields with the value of the field strOrder in the database table tblObjects. The number of fields needs to match with the value (comma-separated list) of the database field. If this is not the case, correct the value of the database field.

All numbers between 0 and "number of fields -1" need to be in the list. The sorting of the numbers represents the order of the fields in the class.

Examples for a correct allocation:

Number of field in the class Possible value of the database field
10 0,1,2,4,3,7,6,5,8,9
15 0,1,2,11,4,3,10,7,6,5,8,12,13,9,14
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